Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trying to figure this Out

Im trying to figure out how to get the tabs that many of you have under your header....Looks like my archives are ok, but how do I get the names of the cartridges to show the projects associated with each cartridge? . I have so many questions about blogging, and each day Ive been playing on the computer to figure it out. I am open to suggestions that would help. Ide really appreciate it...
The sooner I can figure out this world of blogging the sooner I can start bringing in pictures of what I've been working on, and sharing with all of you. Right now I am doing favors and such for my grand daughters 5th birthday. The theme she chose was Rock Princess. So far I have rock girls and glittered hair. I thought Once upon a Princess would be more to her liking but glittered hair it will be...I'll be back soon and maybe I will have figured Something Out. Good night for now. Dawn RI

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  1. I am new too, I haven't got pictures up yet either or I would help ya,lol


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