Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Announcement

Ive been keeping a little busy scrap booking my families trip to Disney last year. I have no pictures to share yet as its a work in progress.
     I mentioned an announcement, ON August 1st, I will signing on with Close To My Heart. I am so looking forward to this. They are offering a special price for the starter kit, $49 or $99. Theres just enough product to get started.
     Then there was the announcement of the Cricut CTMH cartridge...
"Artiste". We were all in awe over Art Philosophy. Well this new cart is a double awesome. There are 700 cuts , consisting of  3d boxes, envelopes and home decor items. More bags and tags an more elemental cuts. For $99 you get the cart, 3 stamp sets and chipboard. The booklet is easier to understand and it also has a 2nd booklet for assembly. I just know all Cricuteers will want this cart.
     Once I receive my kit I will be able to take orders for all the  wonderful  CTMH products . I know that my first order will be the "Artiste" cart.   Then browsing through the catalog there will be coordinated stamp sets that will work with both CTMH cartridges. This will be a great way to add more function to the 2 cartridges. And every thing is spelled out on the sizing of cuts.
     I would like your  word of mouth in helping me to be an Independent CTMH consultant. If you have a chance visit where you can view many of their carts. Definately check the NEW   CTMH Artiste  hand book. You'll look at it many times.
Til Next time.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whats been happening the last 6-8 months with me???

     I had a long post written, when my grandaughter sat a bag of grapes on my keyboard. That post disappeared and is in blogger  space some where.
     Well to make a long story short I will summerize by saying I was one sick lady. My asthma was at its worst. I was to the point I could hardly stand and walk room to room.  I had 2 skin tears from tripping up with the dog. My pittng edema was so bad I developed blisters on my legs and was treated by the wound clinic. I developed a pressure wound that a surgeon said  would never heal. I came down with a cellulitis. Spent a week in the hospital, where they found out I was allergic  to a antibiotic. I hope to never have an allergic reaction again. I felt scared and alone.
     Then I had to go to a nursing home. I was there for 3 weeks. I had to build up my body so I could carry my weight. I walked with a walker, used a wheel chair, a cane and was fitted with diabetic shoes. I had to learn to walk again, and find balance, and to climb stairs. It was alot of work.
      In my free time I had my mini laptop, my Kindle and my gypsy. I kept up with all the blogs I follow. My DIL brought me my copics and some of " My Favorite Stamps " so I colored.  I didn't use my Gypsy much , I had , had a problem with some of my Cricut toys and I knew it would have to be a few calls to PC to fix them.
      I was discharged July 1st. How I had longed for this day. Even though my family came to visit, and Bill came every day, I missed them and our home. I was somewhat better, but happy to be home. On July 12, I was readmitted to the hospital for cellulitis. I continulously cried that I wanted to be home. A few days after receiving intense IV  antibiotics, a young  Doctor agreed Id do better by being home. So I left with a handful of prescriptions and list of visiting nurses and and physical therepy professionals.
     As of today I (Pray) Im clear of the infection, can breathe better, can walk a little further and stand longer. Im climbing 7 stairs without exertion and ten with some exertion. My grandson set my goal that I make it upstairs so we all can have dinner together. One added blessing is that I better know how to take my diabetes injections and Im taking half the dose I was on.
     My husband Bill had knee surgery and is getting stronger every day. He has been cleared to drive so I finally was able to get to get out of the house. The heat here was terrible. But yesterday was cooler, a little dreary but I was glad to be out and about. (thanks to Bill and the scooter he bought me).
We bought a new mattress, 4 years no interest. Then I bought me a watch, a new comforter set and a few outfits for the kids.
     "With God all Things are Possible"...
     Now for the BIG cleaning of the Craft room. I finally opened the door,  "OMG". That will be a later post... Right now its a bright sunny 80* day  with a light ocean breeze. I hear my patio calling.
Till next time,
Dawn RI