Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whats been happening the last 6-8 months with me???

     I had a long post written, when my grandaughter sat a bag of grapes on my keyboard. That post disappeared and is in blogger  space some where.
     Well to make a long story short I will summerize by saying I was one sick lady. My asthma was at its worst. I was to the point I could hardly stand and walk room to room.  I had 2 skin tears from tripping up with the dog. My pittng edema was so bad I developed blisters on my legs and was treated by the wound clinic. I developed a pressure wound that a surgeon said  would never heal. I came down with a cellulitis. Spent a week in the hospital, where they found out I was allergic  to a antibiotic. I hope to never have an allergic reaction again. I felt scared and alone.
     Then I had to go to a nursing home. I was there for 3 weeks. I had to build up my body so I could carry my weight. I walked with a walker, used a wheel chair, a cane and was fitted with diabetic shoes. I had to learn to walk again, and find balance, and to climb stairs. It was alot of work.
      In my free time I had my mini laptop, my Kindle and my gypsy. I kept up with all the blogs I follow. My DIL brought me my copics and some of " My Favorite Stamps " so I colored.  I didn't use my Gypsy much , I had , had a problem with some of my Cricut toys and I knew it would have to be a few calls to PC to fix them.
      I was discharged July 1st. How I had longed for this day. Even though my family came to visit, and Bill came every day, I missed them and our home. I was somewhat better, but happy to be home. On July 12, I was readmitted to the hospital for cellulitis. I continulously cried that I wanted to be home. A few days after receiving intense IV  antibiotics, a young  Doctor agreed Id do better by being home. So I left with a handful of prescriptions and list of visiting nurses and and physical therepy professionals.
     As of today I (Pray) Im clear of the infection, can breathe better, can walk a little further and stand longer. Im climbing 7 stairs without exertion and ten with some exertion. My grandson set my goal that I make it upstairs so we all can have dinner together. One added blessing is that I better know how to take my diabetes injections and Im taking half the dose I was on.
     My husband Bill had knee surgery and is getting stronger every day. He has been cleared to drive so I finally was able to get to get out of the house. The heat here was terrible. But yesterday was cooler, a little dreary but I was glad to be out and about. (thanks to Bill and the scooter he bought me).
We bought a new mattress, 4 years no interest. Then I bought me a watch, a new comforter set and a few outfits for the kids.
     "With God all Things are Possible"...
     Now for the BIG cleaning of the Craft room. I finally opened the door,  "OMG". That will be a later post... Right now its a bright sunny 80* day  with a light ocean breeze. I hear my patio calling.
Till next time,
Dawn RI

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