Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Well its Christmas Eve and the activities have begun. The grand children slept in. Around 9am I heard Danielle say "Santas been here". Jaysn corrected her by saying those are the adult gifts. Dani came running down the stairs saying "MumMum do you know what today is"? We then watched "The Year without Santa Claus", followed by "Rudolfs Shiny New Year".
My DIL came downstairs to go over the days agenda. Christmas has become her holiday to plan. Bills adult children will be over,and my son will be home from work. We planned to see the lights at LaSalette Shrine in Ma. We will walk around the lights and tell the children about Christs birth. Then when we get back to the house we will feast on horderves. Jaysn and Dani will open 1 present, usually pajamas. Then they get tucked into bed. When their asleep the adults will exchange gifts...Christmas morning is about the children and the birthday song for Jesus.
Maryah has started baking cookies and have the children bring cookies to the neighbors. Im sitting here praying I can make it up the stairs. My leg is still sore and it will be a while before the wound heals. Bill has come home, and prepares for a dump run to find it closed.
Its 4pm and Im trying to see how Im going to dress to see the lights. Is 32 degrees and the sun has been setting for a while. Its going to be cold, My son just got home so let the festivities begin.
I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

The project Im showing are cupcake toppers made using Peachy Keen Stamps. Each image is colored in with my Copic markers. I apologize for the poor picture, my camera is getting old. (Guess what Santa is bringing ME)...
Will probablly speak with you all after the New Year. Enjoy your Family.
Til next time,
Dawn RI

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today I learned how to grab a BLINKIE !!!

Today I spent some time on my blog. I made some minor changes and started
thinking of other blogs I frequently visit. I noticed that many of the
blogs had BLINKIES,each saying grab my blinkie. I never gave them much thought until Emma of My Creative Time talked about having her own identity.
Her new look is so clean cut and totally her "Girl". You have to check it out at .
So now Im intersted in a blinkie. I have no clue where to start. So I reach out to YOU, my fellow crafters and friends. Any info or suggetions
would be much appreciated. Im also interested in how drop down lables work? Little by little Id like to see my blog blossom.
Dawn RI

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Card

This will be a short post. First I want to appologize for the quality of the picture. I did ask Santa for a new camera (we'll see)....
This card was made using Peachy Keen stamps. I can't remember which set, but I do remember painting the image with emerald and sizzling red Glamour Dust,by DecoArt. Its ultra fine glitter and works well with a small brush. I had bought these from PK stamps. On the beard I drew wavy lines on Santas beard,let it dry then used the glamour dust over it.
I wish I could give you more info on the details of the card. Since this has been made I have learned to make notes of how I made the card.
Until next time,
Dawn RI

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My E2... Shes Home

WOW, 2nd post today. Im thrilled. Early this evening the FedEX truck pulled up and rang the doorbell. My grand daughter ran to the door. I
yelled for her not to answer it. She called to me it was a man. Again
I told her not to answer it. I made my way to the stairs and Dani announces,dont worry MumMum, its the man with the truck. I called for
my husband to come to the door. He walks in with a big box that he said was heavey.
I asked what it was, He answered, Dont worry, its your Cricut. At first
I didnt understand.Then I realized it was my E2. I was so surprized at how fast PC responded. I figured I would have to wait forever, but here it was.
Bill said I'll just put it in your Craft room.
Im so excited, maybe now I'll be able to complete the goodie bags for Christmas for my grandchildren school friends. Yayyyyyyy
Til next time,
Dawn RI


I have been negleting this blog. There never seems to be enough time in a day. Also its getting harder to keep motivated when when your body doesn't
want to move. My disability and asthma makes it difficult at times.
Also during this time my E2 decided it didnt want to work any more. PC had me ship the machine to them, (Glad they paid the shipping).I did get the Cricut Mini during the HSN Launch, Special of the Day. Its a cute little machine. I had no problems hooking it up and I connectedwith CCR without any problems/ I found the mini to be small,8.5 x 12 cutting space. Its quiet and fits nicely on my craft table. Easily portable. I like using CCR with it. Talking about CCR, I feel every one should at least try it. I like that I can set up a project from the comfort of my recliner with my laptop and watch TV. The larger work area in Craft Room is great. I havent given up on my Gypsy which is very convient for taking on the road or while in a waiting room.
The sampling of boxes was done on a good day. I was interested in the cuts on Bag,Tags and More cartridge. For me this was a freebie when you bought the Gypsy during a promotion. I hadnt bought the handbook and the cuts were hard to figure out what the final cut would be. So I did a sampling of some of the cuts. They are so cute. I did finally order the handbook.
I hope seeing a small sampling has helped out.
Til next time.
Dawn RI

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Little Box

Just a quick post. I made this little box a while ago but hadn't posted it.I scrap lifted this from Shiela, aka A Sassy Lady. Each day I look foward to email from Shiela, Shes full of ideas. She does tutorials on her Gypsy. Watching her tutorials has taught me alot about using the Gypsy.
I just want to thank Shiela for helping me feel at ease with my gypsy. If you get a moment to look her up do so, shes a big help
Til next time, Dawn RI

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gift Card with Emmas NEW Die

I recently acquired a gift card die from Emmas collection of stamps and dies at My Creative Time She has many sentiment stamps and recently started creating dies that fit with her stamps. I purchased, the Gift Card Die
There are so many posibilities with this die. I like to give gift cards for gifts. I feel its the perfect gift. It allows the receipient to choose what they like or need. Look forward to more posts about this CREATIVE Die.
Til Next Time,
Dawn RI

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kate Takes A Walk

Hello...Im back today to share a card I made using "Kates abc's". This is a cute cartridge and has scene pictures... meaning theres a ground to build on. There are pictures of Kate with her friends, the cat and rabbits. Her little outfits and hat are adorable. When I first bought this cart I played with it alot. I used both my Expression and my Imagine and the cards were as cute as ever.
Todays card is Kate pushing her doll carriage it is adorable. I used paper from my stash and stamps by
Hope you enjoyed my little card as much as I enjoyed making it.
Til next time, Dawn RI

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fire Dog

It's thursday and the house is quiet again. Looks like I better get use to this. At least I have the time to blog more. I hope those following me are enjoying my posts and my cutesy cards.
I happened upon this cute dog on the "Create A Critter" cartridge and cut it at 4 inches plus the layers. The sentiment is from http:/
I enjoyed making this card, it reminded me about the day my grandchilren were at a BS.Round-Up. There were many activities for the scouts and their siblings. They had a display of a police cruiser, a fire truck, and a bull dozer. My grandchildren enjoyed climbing in and on the displays. To me it seemed that they enjoyed the fire engine the most as they got to wear helmets and fire coats. They asked many questions and the fire personel enjoyed chatting with them. They did have pictures taken,(on their mother cell phone) The best picture was of the two of them sitting inside the police cruiser behide bars of the back seat."God forbid".
I hope you enjoyed my story and til next time,
Dawn RI

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Sunny Day

Just wanted to touch base with you all. Theres not to much going on here today. The house is quiet and Im home alone. The kids are at school, the adults are at work. That leaves me free to get in the craft room earlier than normal. I have to finish up some halloween cards.Then Im going to reorganize my clear stamps. So I'll be kept busy til the first one comes home, then all sorts of things pop up.
So this morning its a bright and sunny day. In the 80s. Im going to enjoy it because the weather man said we are in for a few brisk autumn days.Followed by rain.
So todays card is this big bright sun. The photo doesn't do it justice. The paper is from my stash, I used the Simply Charmed cartride for the image. The sentiment is from
and says "Wishing You a Sun Shiny Day". I also used alot of stickles if you can see them.
So Wishing you a sun shiny day, til next time,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hi... I recently had to go to a baby shower. I knew I had a card in my stash. Then we found out the mother was having a boy. I will share what I did for the boy card soon.
This was a quick and simple card. I dont remember what cart the image is from as I made this a while ago, before I even had a blog. Back then I didnt write down the recipe for my cards.I remebered that my papers were all scraps and put togegher on a premade base. The sentiment is from PBD.
I look at this card now and see in my mind what I could have added to make this card more attractive, ribbon and lace would hav really helped. Its good to look back and be able to critque your projects, It measures growth to your creativity . Some day I will remake this card and see what I can come up with.
Til next time, Dawn RI

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Kyle

Just a quick post . Today is a friends birthday, Its Kyles birthday aka
Mr. Pink Cricut. He is Sarahs husband and they make a great team. You can check out their blog at,

Its a surprize but a bunch of us are sending birthday cards via email to Kyle,you can visit their blog,leave Kyle a message and be inspired by all the birthday cards that are posted there.
Til next time, Dawn RI

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School...Student gift

Well we all survived the first day of school, even me. Jays in 2nd grade and likes his teacher. Dani is in kindergarten and she said she only cried four times. Then yesterday she thought she was going to cry and she said "she pushed the tears back in and didnt cry". I even made through the day and accomplished some things. Last night my son and DIL went to open house and the kids and I watched Space Kids and had some popcorn.
For the first day of school Jay and Dani each gave their teacher a book mark which I shared yesterday. Today Im sharing the student gift I made for each child in Dani's K class. I used PK face stamps and I also used My Creative Times sentiment "1st day of school" by Emma. I just love how the little buses came out. I hope you like them also.
Til next time,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Apple For The Teacher

The first day of school was approaching and I asked Dani if we should make something for her new teacher. I drew out my idea and Dani approved... We sat together as I explained the cricut and what we were doing and I let her hit the buttons. Shes five and she wants her own cricut. I figure Ill start her out with the Side Kick then go to the Cuttle Bug and then on to my Create.
Since Ive moved stuff around and the kids packed it up I dont know where things are. We are now in the new craft room that is now full and I still have 4 large bins to empty. Dani is my side kick in the craft room. I do miss her already and she started school yesterday. Back to the gift for the teacher, we made book marks. I used the George and basic shapes cartridge and the Doodle Charms cart. First we put an apple on the gypsy screen and then a rectangle from the George cart, welded them to gether and we had our shaped book mark.I hooked the gypsy to the E2 and prepared told Dani to hit the cut botton. I then stamped them using 2 sentiments from PBD. Jaysn and Dani got in a little tiff over the book marks and Jay said Dani took his. I then explained to him I had made several and that each of them had one to give their new teachers. When they came home from the first day of school the kids said that both their teachers loved the little gift.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning Something New : Computers

Today I sit at the Senior Center. I want to learn more about computers. Leo is the instructor and we went over some basics. >
I actually relearned how to do a few things I had totally forgotten. I find it funny that at 51 Im trying to get this old brain to take on more things to learn.
One of things I need to learn is how to add links in blogger. Leo showed me where to look to get help on topics about blogger. This is all new to me. So afer reading several topics I think I just may have figured it out.
I tried to go to photo bucket on the computer at the senior center. It must be blocked so posting a recent design will have to be done from my own computer. So I will briefly mention the stamp company I buy some of my sentiment stamps from, Im hoping this linked to their stamp site.) What I wanted to say about this company is that they make good quality stamps. The sentiments are great. Sarah and Kyle give excellent customer service and are very friendly people. They also have a Stamp of the Month club, that is reasonably priced. The background stamps are are my favorites and Sarah has recently added some image stamps. They also sell twine and crinkle ribbon. Can you tell Im a collector of PBD stamps?
Now if the link worked I will be thrilled and will thank Leo, if it didnt work: back to the drawing board. Hopefully I will come up with a list of questions each week and now I know someone who can help.
Till next time, Dawn RI

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Favorite Holiday: BOO!

The kids start school on Tuesday. All the haircuts are done, clothes shopping is finished, and supplies have been added to the kids back packs. In the news ,the East Coast had a earth quake yesterday and a hurricane is heading towards the US this weekend. This will be a week remembered,as summer goes out with a bang!
The kids havent a care in the world, neighbors pools have been dismantled. Outdoor furniture is put away. The kids are excited to start school,and sad that summer is comming to an end. They wonder why its getting dark earlier and still want to play outside. I told them that this is all the signs that Fall will be upon us soon. Hopefully we will have an Indian summer as the cold is not welcomed with smiles. I told them that Halloween is right around the corner, and the discussion changes and each are excited about who or what they want to be.
Today I want to share my first halloween card of the season. It is a simple card and elegant at the same time. I used Martha Stewart paper as the backgound, the chandlier is from the Summer In Paris cartridge. I then used Buttercup Liquid Pearls and applied it to the flames of the chandlier. The sentiment is from Pink By Design.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its been a long productive morning. Now its Raining!

I awoke so early this am. I cleaned up, read my email, checked FB then went right to the craft room. I did quite a bit of computer work that had been piling up. First off was email, I had several pages of saved mail. I knew I had to get thru it. I opened it, browsed it ,kept it or deleted it. I knew there was not enough time to do "ALL" the tutorials I had saved. I only kept those I could refer back to. I made quite the dent.
Then I checked all the recently bought cartridges. I checked to see if I had cataloged them, then registered them. Then I set up each individual cartridge to go to the system I use. I use the Clip It Up and I fear I may soon out grow that system. I still have over 100 + carts to do. They have to be registered if you plan to use them in "Craft Room"
I downloaded and saved all my freebies and svg's that I had piled up. The next step is to open each file on my desk top and organize them into folders. I will need help with that because I dont remember how to do each step. My daughter in law will have to help. I believe Im TOO !!! organized.
So I figured Ide check in on my blog, I havent yet figured out how to fit this into my daily routine. Then I'll be off to check in on another site and call it a day... I always have tonight if I want to PLAY...
Todays card shares how some organization can inspire creativity. I had a bunch of strips of designer paper in a cup. ( I save them ) and you will see why. All the scrap strips are 1/2 inch or less in width. I took some STRONG double sided adhesive and layed it onto my card base. Then I took each scrap and layed it diagonally onto the adhesive till the card was covered. I then trimmed all the extra strip scraps, flush to the perimater of the card base. I had just created a background layer to make a card.
Talk about my being organized, I save the tiniest of scraps and reuse them to create other techniques. ( I do have a recycle bin of scraps) and another pile of useable scraps. I'll share what I do with the recycle bin in another post. So heres the RE-USED Card and the sentimnt is from
Until next time, Dawn RI

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Little Crabby

Yesterday after thinking about Fall and Going Back To School, I went next door to the church where I live. They were having their Annual Festival of Hope. I got my scooter and drove over thru the parking lot. Once there I watched my grandchilren enjoying the festival. They had free food , free games,prizes a craft booth and an interactive clown. They really enjoyed the free candy,bounce house and water slide and Dani was so excited she even got a bible. Shes just a little to young to read the fine print. They had a puppet show about GOD, his love and his forgiveness. They did a wonderful job with the entire festival. And for me the ocean breeze kept me cool so I could enjoy the summer air and to be out for the entire afternoon with the grand kids.
So I want to hold on to summer and await the arrival of fall. Today when I woke I expected to see the sun, but was greeted by the poring rain.I tought to myself thats okay we really did need a good rain. So today I want to share a little bit of summer and a little bit of water with the card that I made its A Little Crabby.
Enjoy the rest of this Sunday day. I know I will.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August and Back to School...

Can you believe its August? Other than a few hot HOT days I have done very little to enjoy summer. I do craft in my craft room with my grand daughter, Danielle and with the AC when needed.Other than that Ive been busy on the computer trying to figure it out. Why didnt they teach computer class 32 years ago??? I know dumb question.
Any way as summer fades away we have the Fall to look foward to. Falling leaves, crisp cool breezes, pumpkins and Back to School. Did I say back to school? This year both my Grand children will be in school and riding the bus.I did how ever buy the grand kids some school supplies. So Im ahead of the game.
well, today I want to share "what I think About Going Back to School" I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.
Enjoy whats left of summer.
Dawn RI

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank yous and another tshirt day

Today is a beautiful sunny day with a temp of 83*. This is my kind of a perfect summer day. Ive been on the computer almost all day, (I miss my craft room). I had asked a few people on Facebook that I have friended if they could help announce my blog on their blog posts. They responded postively and it helped me get some followers. Im asking for you continued support as I am new to the bloggers world. But I really wanted to say thank you for your support. Without you My Blog would never be seen. Also thanks for your crafty computer advice. I am making plans for a followers give away. More about that to come in the near future.
Also today, I wanted to share a t shirt I made for my grand daughter Dani. The image is is appropite for todays post and that is "Making Friends". Thats what I want my followers to be, my new friends. The image is from "Best Friends" Imagine cartridge printed on tshirt transfer paper, then ironed on a cotton tee. I used Printworks t-shirt transfer paper,compatible with all inkjet printers.
Bye for now, Im going to enjoy the rest of this perfect day.
Hugs, Dawn

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Looking For FOLLOWERS...

I haven't posted in a while and Im sorry for that. I've been quit busy and the heat wave that affected most of the country was too much for me. Today here on the East Coast it's a litte cloudy and the temp is 74*. This is my kind of weather, A little more sun would be just right.
So today Im looking for followers to my blog. Im looking for help to get the word out and I'm open to suggestions to attract followers. My goal is to post at least 2 times per week through the summer. With the cooler weather I should be able to get more time in the craftroom and on the computer.
Todays card is what I will try to accomplish, admitting one follower at a time to build my blogsite. "Admit One". thanks for stopping by today.
Dawn RI

Friday, July 8, 2011

Paper Piecing

Todays cards are done with a technique called paper piecing. When I went to the Stamping and Scrapbooking stamp show I did a few of the make and takes. I stopped at the Bella Stamp booth, which happens to be my local stamp store. In the picture I used the same stamp and have 3 different looks. Paper piecing is where you stamp a stamp then cutout the pieces of designer printed papers. In this case I pieced the dresses and changed the backgrounds creating a different look with one image.The stamp set is Pure Innocence for My Favorite Things. The set is a set of 2 sentiments and a image stamp. I fell in love with this set called, Bunch of Blooms and the little girl. So I thought Ide share this with all of you. Hope you enjoy.
Dawn RI
I have since gone back to Bella and bought more stamps of this little girl. I uses my Copics markers for the coloring.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

H.S. graduate leaving for colledge

Todays card was inspired by my dear friends daughter and her decision about going to college. We were all so excited to hear she was accepted to her 1st choice of college, it meant she'de be leaving for a state halfway across the country. Then she was accepted to our local college and offered a full scholarship in Law, so plans changed. Then I recieved an invite to the annual family picnic ....and going away party. I didnt understand, and then I heard she changed her mind and is going to college half way across the country.
So I made her a card using the "Locker Talk" cartridge, its key #34. The sentiment is by Pink By Design. So where ever she goes she has the whole world ahead of her and new things to learn...
Bye for now, Dawn RI

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Few School Cards

Today I just want to show some school cards I recently made. My grandson is ending 1st grade and my grand daughter just graduated from pre-school. So to thank their teachers I made a couple of cards. The Crayons box is for Dani's pre-school teachers, shes graduated from crayons to using some of my older stamping markers. She even now asks for the bone folder. ;) Jaysn's card is the one with the pencil. Being in First grade he had to use pencils and there was alot of erasing to get thru homework.
The 3rd card is a card for a dear friends daughter who just graduated H.S. She also babysat the grand children when they were younger.
All the cards were made using cricut cuts from Simply Charmed and Every day Paper Dolls. For the crayon I used a action wobbler and for the pencil I used popdots. The graduation card was embellished with chalks. The sentiments are from
Enjoy, Dawn RI

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Wedding card

My daughter in law asked if I could make a wedding card. She didnt want to buy one since she knows I spend most of my free time making cards or scrapbooking. With a grim look I said I would try. I used the Imagine and printed swatches of background papers from Lori's Garden. I then chose an image of a wedding cake I liked. Sorry I dont remember which cartridge I used, will have to learn to jot down the specifics of each item I make. I made two different cards using the same image, what a huge difference between both cards. The card my DIL picked was made with Loris garden, the other card I made I used glitter and a second color. I agreed with her choice and I felt releived that she actually liked it. With a little boost of confidence I can accomplish great things.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T-shirt day

June 8,2011

Just wanted to recap a litte about The Rubber Stamp and Paper Show I attended in Springfield Ma. I felt like I was in heaven, Papers, stamps, ink, copics,embossing tools, and more. While there I did 2 make and takes. I will share about them at another time. I saw alot of products I wanted to buy, but I chose only 1 color of each item I wanted. This way I can see if I like the product and if I should invest into buying more . I bought my first Copics and picked mostly skin-toned colores. To say the least I did enjoy going to the Show, But my Hubbie was so bored so I only went once around the booths.
So when I returned home from the two hour drive I was so tired. I just put all I bought in my craft place, knowing that the next day was play-time.
So todays projects involved using the Imagine. I bought t-shirt transfer film and picked a few images from the cartridge Best Friends and Nursery Tales. The t-shirt made with BF's came out really nice, the other image was too lightly colored. I tested the soft colors and bright color images and I definetly liked the bright darker colors. Now I will have to make a t-shirt for my grandson Jaysn since I made 2 for Dani. It was fun to do and I learned something new.
Also pictured is a Cutie Patutti image I found on some ones blog, please forgive me as I cannot remember where the image came from...
but I thought Dani (4) did a great job with it. Enjoy...
Talk to you soon. Dawn

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dani's Goodies Bags

June 3, 2011
Hello, Good Morning!
Today I want to share some pictures of some goodies bags that I made for my grand daughters 5th birthday. Dani is so excited. Her Birthday is June 12th.
We are ready for her "Rock Princess Bounce Party". It will be at the YMCA and the bounce house room is where the party will take place.
Dani helped with making the goody bags. She picked out all the colors, and she stuffed the bags with lots of goodies. Also pictured is the cupcake topper which is personalized with her name and the year. My little grand daughter is growing up so fast.
Talk to you soon,
Dawn RI

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Beautiful Day

Good morning. Yesterday all us were a little nervous about the tornado in Springfield Ma. The tornado was on a path thru northern RI. I live in the Southern part, but I have family that I was concerned for. RI being the smallest state makes one think that anything could happen state wide. Last March we had the flooding through out our state. Well Im thankful we are all fine.
Yesterdays goal was to put a link on my blog and to post a picture. Well the picture was there ,bigger than expected but the link didn't happen. I wanted to post a link to my friend Sarah of Pink by Design and know as Pink Cricut I used one of her sentimental stamps and wanted to give her the credit. I'll try again. You can see the stamps at She going to have a Ustream to show her new stamps for June.
I will continue to keep searching for answers about blogging. Its a whole new language. So no new picture today but I will share the goodie bags I made for Danielles 5th birthday.
See you soon, Dawn RI

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going to Try Something New

June 1,2011
Well its a new day and a new month. Im also a new age since my family celebrated my birthday this Memorial Day weekend. So today I'm going to try to add a link and post a photo. This will be my first try so wish me luck, LOL.
The photo is a picture of a card I made using my Imagine, Lori's Garden cartridge, I inked the edges on the design and on the sentiment. I used dimensionals to raise the image which gave it new look. The sentiment stamp is "Hat's Off", by Sarah at

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trying to figure this Out

Im trying to figure out how to get the tabs that many of you have under your header....Looks like my archives are ok, but how do I get the names of the cartridges to show the projects associated with each cartridge? . I have so many questions about blogging, and each day Ive been playing on the computer to figure it out. I am open to suggestions that would help. Ide really appreciate it...
The sooner I can figure out this world of blogging the sooner I can start bringing in pictures of what I've been working on, and sharing with all of you. Right now I am doing favors and such for my grand daughters 5th birthday. The theme she chose was Rock Princess. So far I have rock girls and glittered hair. I thought Once upon a Princess would be more to her liking but glittered hair it will be...I'll be back soon and maybe I will have figured Something Out. Good night for now. Dawn RI

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Confused

  Well today is my second day at being in Blogger World. Ive played around a little with the site.  No scrap creating today, I'll call it "computer day". I really do not know what I'm doing, its just going to take some time. I do know that  I can be seen on the web. My Friend Sarah over at Pink Cricut did see. my blog. She welcomed me to blog world, hehe. So my big project today was my listing all my cartridges  to a new page , my only question is will they show up  (YES)  *check, they are on the page. My only concern is that I want to  show the cartridge and then have it  show the project  or projects Ive done using the selected Cartridg.e.
  The second thing I want to work on is putting a picture of my grand children on  my blog. They are my life. I LOVE them so much and I am very proud of them. Jaysn is seven and Danielle will be five next month. She will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Watching them, I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. So I leave you now to go see how to post pictures... My fingers are crossed.  If all goes well I will try to post again  tomarrow....Love ya ,Dawn RI


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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well I've Just Begun...

Today I post my first post. I'm happy I took on this new goal at this time in my life, and I don't know where its going . I just feel I need a little
something more in life than to just be a
retired / disabled , person
always being a
day late
a dollar short.
I always had big plans in my life but was always just a little short  of having "BIG" dreams coming  true.
I've accomplished alot over the years
and I always strived to get more.  Usually I wound up
detouring from the path I was on and making a new path going in
another direction.
Little did I know that under my HS yearbook picture
my quote was,
"Follow not where the path leads,
but follow a new path and leave a trail". 
I always wanted to try new things and I did but something new always
came along.
Now that Im retired I need something more even though
my limitations get in my way. Its been just over a year that I left
my job (one that I LOVED) and its time to move on...
Theres been alot of changes but Im beginning to have structure im my
chaotic life.
My crafting area "room" has been abandoned too many times, but its  
taking shape once again. Ive always liked the arts and plan on doing more.
The best part is I am sharing it all with my four year old grand daughter.
She justs loves being crafty, coloring, painting, and working with scraps and I will continue to help  My grandson to draw stick figures .
Im on my way to that "big" dream and that is continuing to share.  .
So on this new journey Im going to try sharing a little part of me  
with all of you .
By reading blogs and being inspired by many of you,
has made me once again realize ,
I want to CREATE, LIVE and to LOVE What GOD has given me..