Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning Something New : Computers

Today I sit at the Senior Center. I want to learn more about computers. Leo is the instructor and we went over some basics. >
I actually relearned how to do a few things I had totally forgotten. I find it funny that at 51 Im trying to get this old brain to take on more things to learn.
One of things I need to learn is how to add links in blogger. Leo showed me where to look to get help on topics about blogger. This is all new to me. So afer reading several topics I think I just may have figured it out.
I tried to go to photo bucket on the computer at the senior center. It must be blocked so posting a recent design will have to be done from my own computer. So I will briefly mention the stamp company I buy some of my sentiment stamps from, www.pinkbydesignstamps.com Im hoping this linked to their stamp site.) What I wanted to say about this company is that they make good quality stamps. The sentiments are great. Sarah and Kyle give excellent customer service and are very friendly people. They also have a Stamp of the Month club, that is reasonably priced. The background stamps are are my favorites and Sarah has recently added some image stamps. They also sell twine and crinkle ribbon. Can you tell Im a collector of PBD stamps?
Now if the link worked I will be thrilled and will thank Leo, if it didnt work: back to the drawing board. Hopefully I will come up with a list of questions each week and now I know someone who can help.
Till next time, Dawn RI

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