Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Apple For The Teacher

The first day of school was approaching and I asked Dani if we should make something for her new teacher. I drew out my idea and Dani approved... We sat together as I explained the cricut and what we were doing and I let her hit the buttons. Shes five and she wants her own cricut. I figure Ill start her out with the Side Kick then go to the Cuttle Bug and then on to my Create.
Since Ive moved stuff around and the kids packed it up I dont know where things are. We are now in the new craft room that is now full and I still have 4 large bins to empty. Dani is my side kick in the craft room. I do miss her already and she started school yesterday. Back to the gift for the teacher, we made book marks. I used the George and basic shapes cartridge and the Doodle Charms cart. First we put an apple on the gypsy screen and then a rectangle from the George cart, welded them to gether and we had our shaped book mark.I hooked the gypsy to the E2 and prepared told Dani to hit the cut botton. I then stamped them using 2 sentiments from PBD. Jaysn and Dani got in a little tiff over the book marks and Jay said Dani took his. I then explained to him I had made several and that each of them had one to give their new teachers. When they came home from the first day of school the kids said that both their teachers loved the little gift.

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