Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Learning Something New : Computers

Today I sit at the Senior Center. I want to learn more about computers. Leo is the instructor and we went over some basics. >
I actually relearned how to do a few things I had totally forgotten. I find it funny that at 51 Im trying to get this old brain to take on more things to learn.
One of things I need to learn is how to add links in blogger. Leo showed me where to look to get help on topics about blogger. This is all new to me. So afer reading several topics I think I just may have figured it out.
I tried to go to photo bucket on the computer at the senior center. It must be blocked so posting a recent design will have to be done from my own computer. So I will briefly mention the stamp company I buy some of my sentiment stamps from, www.pinkbydesignstamps.com Im hoping this linked to their stamp site.) What I wanted to say about this company is that they make good quality stamps. The sentiments are great. Sarah and Kyle give excellent customer service and are very friendly people. They also have a Stamp of the Month club, that is reasonably priced. The background stamps are are my favorites and Sarah has recently added some image stamps. They also sell twine and crinkle ribbon. Can you tell Im a collector of PBD stamps?
Now if the link worked I will be thrilled and will thank Leo, if it didnt work: back to the drawing board. Hopefully I will come up with a list of questions each week and now I know someone who can help.
Till next time, Dawn RI

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Favorite Holiday: BOO!

The kids start school on Tuesday. All the haircuts are done, clothes shopping is finished, and supplies have been added to the kids back packs. In the news ,the East Coast had a earth quake yesterday and a hurricane is heading towards the US this weekend. This will be a week remembered,as summer goes out with a bang!
The kids havent a care in the world, neighbors pools have been dismantled. Outdoor furniture is put away. The kids are excited to start school,and sad that summer is comming to an end. They wonder why its getting dark earlier and still want to play outside. I told them that this is all the signs that Fall will be upon us soon. Hopefully we will have an Indian summer as the cold is not welcomed with smiles. I told them that Halloween is right around the corner, and the discussion changes and each are excited about who or what they want to be.
Today I want to share my first halloween card of the season. It is a simple card and elegant at the same time. I used Martha Stewart paper as the backgound, the chandlier is from the Summer In Paris cartridge. I then used Buttercup Liquid Pearls and applied it to the flames of the chandlier. The sentiment is from Pink By Design.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its been a long productive morning. Now its Raining!

I awoke so early this am. I cleaned up, read my email, checked FB then went right to the craft room. I did quite a bit of computer work that had been piling up. First off was email, I had several pages of saved mail. I knew I had to get thru it. I opened it, browsed it ,kept it or deleted it. I knew there was not enough time to do "ALL" the tutorials I had saved. I only kept those I could refer back to. I made quite the dent.
Then I checked all the recently bought cartridges. I checked to see if I had cataloged them, then registered them. Then I set up each individual cartridge to go to the system I use. I use the Clip It Up and I fear I may soon out grow that system. I still have over 100 + carts to do. They have to be registered if you plan to use them in "Craft Room"
I downloaded and saved all my freebies and svg's that I had piled up. The next step is to open each file on my desk top and organize them into folders. I will need help with that because I dont remember how to do each step. My daughter in law will have to help. I believe Im TOO !!! organized.
So I figured Ide check in on my blog, I havent yet figured out how to fit this into my daily routine. Then I'll be off to check in on another site and call it a day... I always have tonight if I want to PLAY...
Todays card shares how some organization can inspire creativity. I had a bunch of strips of designer paper in a cup. ( I save them ) and you will see why. All the scrap strips are 1/2 inch or less in width. I took some STRONG double sided adhesive and layed it onto my card base. Then I took each scrap and layed it diagonally onto the adhesive till the card was covered. I then trimmed all the extra strip scraps, flush to the perimater of the card base. I had just created a background layer to make a card.
Talk about my being organized, I save the tiniest of scraps and reuse them to create other techniques. ( I do have a recycle bin of scraps) and another pile of useable scraps. I'll share what I do with the recycle bin in another post. So heres the RE-USED Card and the sentimnt is from www.pinkbydesign.com/store.
Until next time, Dawn RI

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Little Crabby

Yesterday after thinking about Fall and Going Back To School, I went next door to the church where I live. They were having their Annual Festival of Hope. I got my scooter and drove over thru the parking lot. Once there I watched my grandchilren enjoying the festival. They had free food , free games,prizes a craft booth and an interactive clown. They really enjoyed the free candy,bounce house and water slide and Dani was so excited she even got a bible. Shes just a little to young to read the fine print. They had a puppet show about GOD, his love and his forgiveness. They did a wonderful job with the entire festival. And for me the ocean breeze kept me cool so I could enjoy the summer air and to be out for the entire afternoon with the grand kids.
So I want to hold on to summer and await the arrival of fall. Today when I woke I expected to see the sun, but was greeted by the poring rain.I tought to myself thats okay we really did need a good rain. So today I want to share a little bit of summer and a little bit of water with the card that I made its A Little Crabby.
Enjoy the rest of this Sunday day. I know I will.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

August and Back to School...

Can you believe its August? Other than a few hot HOT days I have done very little to enjoy summer. I do craft in my craft room with my grand daughter, Danielle and with the AC when needed.Other than that Ive been busy on the computer trying to figure it out. Why didnt they teach computer class 32 years ago??? I know dumb question.
Any way as summer fades away we have the Fall to look foward to. Falling leaves, crisp cool breezes, pumpkins and Back to School. Did I say back to school? This year both my Grand children will be in school and riding the bus.I did how ever buy the grand kids some school supplies. So Im ahead of the game.
well, today I want to share "what I think About Going Back to School" I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.
Enjoy whats left of summer.
Dawn RI