Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its been a long productive morning. Now its Raining!

I awoke so early this am. I cleaned up, read my email, checked FB then went right to the craft room. I did quite a bit of computer work that had been piling up. First off was email, I had several pages of saved mail. I knew I had to get thru it. I opened it, browsed it ,kept it or deleted it. I knew there was not enough time to do "ALL" the tutorials I had saved. I only kept those I could refer back to. I made quite the dent.
Then I checked all the recently bought cartridges. I checked to see if I had cataloged them, then registered them. Then I set up each individual cartridge to go to the system I use. I use the Clip It Up and I fear I may soon out grow that system. I still have over 100 + carts to do. They have to be registered if you plan to use them in "Craft Room"
I downloaded and saved all my freebies and svg's that I had piled up. The next step is to open each file on my desk top and organize them into folders. I will need help with that because I dont remember how to do each step. My daughter in law will have to help. I believe Im TOO !!! organized.
So I figured Ide check in on my blog, I havent yet figured out how to fit this into my daily routine. Then I'll be off to check in on another site and call it a day... I always have tonight if I want to PLAY...
Todays card shares how some organization can inspire creativity. I had a bunch of strips of designer paper in a cup. ( I save them ) and you will see why. All the scrap strips are 1/2 inch or less in width. I took some STRONG double sided adhesive and layed it onto my card base. Then I took each scrap and layed it diagonally onto the adhesive till the card was covered. I then trimmed all the extra strip scraps, flush to the perimater of the card base. I had just created a background layer to make a card.
Talk about my being organized, I save the tiniest of scraps and reuse them to create other techniques. ( I do have a recycle bin of scraps) and another pile of useable scraps. I'll share what I do with the recycle bin in another post. So heres the RE-USED Card and the sentimnt is from
Until next time, Dawn RI


  1. I love hoe you have used the strips of scrap paper, Dawn! It makes for a very beautiful, unique background!! So creative and awesome! Love it :)


  2. Being organized can be SO much work, but it sure pays off in the end :)


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