Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Favorite Holiday: BOO!

The kids start school on Tuesday. All the haircuts are done, clothes shopping is finished, and supplies have been added to the kids back packs. In the news ,the East Coast had a earth quake yesterday and a hurricane is heading towards the US this weekend. This will be a week remembered,as summer goes out with a bang!
The kids havent a care in the world, neighbors pools have been dismantled. Outdoor furniture is put away. The kids are excited to start school,and sad that summer is comming to an end. They wonder why its getting dark earlier and still want to play outside. I told them that this is all the signs that Fall will be upon us soon. Hopefully we will have an Indian summer as the cold is not welcomed with smiles. I told them that Halloween is right around the corner, and the discussion changes and each are excited about who or what they want to be.
Today I want to share my first halloween card of the season. It is a simple card and elegant at the same time. I used Martha Stewart paper as the backgound, the chandlier is from the Summer In Paris cartridge. I then used Buttercup Liquid Pearls and applied it to the flames of the chandlier. The sentiment is from Pink By Design.

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