Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Well its Christmas Eve and the activities have begun. The grand children slept in. Around 9am I heard Danielle say "Santas been here". Jaysn corrected her by saying those are the adult gifts. Dani came running down the stairs saying "MumMum do you know what today is"? We then watched "The Year without Santa Claus", followed by "Rudolfs Shiny New Year".
My DIL came downstairs to go over the days agenda. Christmas has become her holiday to plan. Bills adult children will be over,and my son will be home from work. We planned to see the lights at LaSalette Shrine in Ma. We will walk around the lights and tell the children about Christs birth. Then when we get back to the house we will feast on horderves. Jaysn and Dani will open 1 present, usually pajamas. Then they get tucked into bed. When their asleep the adults will exchange gifts...Christmas morning is about the children and the birthday song for Jesus.
Maryah has started baking cookies and have the children bring cookies to the neighbors. Im sitting here praying I can make it up the stairs. My leg is still sore and it will be a while before the wound heals. Bill has come home, and prepares for a dump run to find it closed.
Its 4pm and Im trying to see how Im going to dress to see the lights. Is 32 degrees and the sun has been setting for a while. Its going to be cold, My son just got home so let the festivities begin.
I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

The project Im showing are cupcake toppers made using Peachy Keen Stamps. Each image is colored in with my Copic markers. I apologize for the poor picture, my camera is getting old. (Guess what Santa is bringing ME)...
Will probablly speak with you all after the New Year. Enjoy your Family.
Til next time,
Dawn RI

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today I learned how to grab a BLINKIE !!!

Today I spent some time on my blog. I made some minor changes and started
thinking of other blogs I frequently visit. I noticed that many of the
blogs had BLINKIES,each saying grab my blinkie. I never gave them much thought until Emma of My Creative Time talked about having her own identity.
Her new look is so clean cut and totally her "Girl". You have to check it out at .
So now Im intersted in a blinkie. I have no clue where to start. So I reach out to YOU, my fellow crafters and friends. Any info or suggetions
would be much appreciated. Im also interested in how drop down lables work? Little by little Id like to see my blog blossom.
Dawn RI

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Card

This will be a short post. First I want to appologize for the quality of the picture. I did ask Santa for a new camera (we'll see)....
This card was made using Peachy Keen stamps. I can't remember which set, but I do remember painting the image with emerald and sizzling red Glamour Dust,by DecoArt. Its ultra fine glitter and works well with a small brush. I had bought these from PK stamps. On the beard I drew wavy lines on Santas beard,let it dry then used the glamour dust over it.
I wish I could give you more info on the details of the card. Since this has been made I have learned to make notes of how I made the card.
Until next time,
Dawn RI

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My E2... Shes Home

WOW, 2nd post today. Im thrilled. Early this evening the FedEX truck pulled up and rang the doorbell. My grand daughter ran to the door. I
yelled for her not to answer it. She called to me it was a man. Again
I told her not to answer it. I made my way to the stairs and Dani announces,dont worry MumMum, its the man with the truck. I called for
my husband to come to the door. He walks in with a big box that he said was heavey.
I asked what it was, He answered, Dont worry, its your Cricut. At first
I didnt understand.Then I realized it was my E2. I was so surprized at how fast PC responded. I figured I would have to wait forever, but here it was.
Bill said I'll just put it in your Craft room.
Im so excited, maybe now I'll be able to complete the goodie bags for Christmas for my grandchildren school friends. Yayyyyyyy
Til next time,
Dawn RI


I have been negleting this blog. There never seems to be enough time in a day. Also its getting harder to keep motivated when when your body doesn't
want to move. My disability and asthma makes it difficult at times.
Also during this time my E2 decided it didnt want to work any more. PC had me ship the machine to them, (Glad they paid the shipping).I did get the Cricut Mini during the HSN Launch, Special of the Day. Its a cute little machine. I had no problems hooking it up and I connectedwith CCR without any problems/ I found the mini to be small,8.5 x 12 cutting space. Its quiet and fits nicely on my craft table. Easily portable. I like using CCR with it. Talking about CCR, I feel every one should at least try it. I like that I can set up a project from the comfort of my recliner with my laptop and watch TV. The larger work area in Craft Room is great. I havent given up on my Gypsy which is very convient for taking on the road or while in a waiting room.
The sampling of boxes was done on a good day. I was interested in the cuts on Bag,Tags and More cartridge. For me this was a freebie when you bought the Gypsy during a promotion. I hadnt bought the handbook and the cuts were hard to figure out what the final cut would be. So I did a sampling of some of the cuts. They are so cute. I did finally order the handbook.
I hope seeing a small sampling has helped out.
Til next time.
Dawn RI