Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My E2... Shes Home

WOW, 2nd post today. Im thrilled. Early this evening the FedEX truck pulled up and rang the doorbell. My grand daughter ran to the door. I
yelled for her not to answer it. She called to me it was a man. Again
I told her not to answer it. I made my way to the stairs and Dani announces,dont worry MumMum, its the man with the truck. I called for
my husband to come to the door. He walks in with a big box that he said was heavey.
I asked what it was, He answered, Dont worry, its your Cricut. At first
I didnt understand.Then I realized it was my E2. I was so surprized at how fast PC responded. I figured I would have to wait forever, but here it was.
Bill said I'll just put it in your Craft room.
Im so excited, maybe now I'll be able to complete the goodie bags for Christmas for my grandchildren school friends. Yayyyyyyy
Til next time,
Dawn RI

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