Thursday, June 23, 2011

H.S. graduate leaving for colledge

Todays card was inspired by my dear friends daughter and her decision about going to college. We were all so excited to hear she was accepted to her 1st choice of college, it meant she'de be leaving for a state halfway across the country. Then she was accepted to our local college and offered a full scholarship in Law, so plans changed. Then I recieved an invite to the annual family picnic ....and going away party. I didnt understand, and then I heard she changed her mind and is going to college half way across the country.
So I made her a card using the "Locker Talk" cartridge, its key #34. The sentiment is by Pink By Design. So where ever she goes she has the whole world ahead of her and new things to learn...
Bye for now, Dawn RI

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Few School Cards

Today I just want to show some school cards I recently made. My grandson is ending 1st grade and my grand daughter just graduated from pre-school. So to thank their teachers I made a couple of cards. The Crayons box is for Dani's pre-school teachers, shes graduated from crayons to using some of my older stamping markers. She even now asks for the bone folder. ;) Jaysn's card is the one with the pencil. Being in First grade he had to use pencils and there was alot of erasing to get thru homework.
The 3rd card is a card for a dear friends daughter who just graduated H.S. She also babysat the grand children when they were younger.
All the cards were made using cricut cuts from Simply Charmed and Every day Paper Dolls. For the crayon I used a action wobbler and for the pencil I used popdots. The graduation card was embellished with chalks. The sentiments are from
Enjoy, Dawn RI

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Wedding card

My daughter in law asked if I could make a wedding card. She didnt want to buy one since she knows I spend most of my free time making cards or scrapbooking. With a grim look I said I would try. I used the Imagine and printed swatches of background papers from Lori's Garden. I then chose an image of a wedding cake I liked. Sorry I dont remember which cartridge I used, will have to learn to jot down the specifics of each item I make. I made two different cards using the same image, what a huge difference between both cards. The card my DIL picked was made with Loris garden, the other card I made I used glitter and a second color. I agreed with her choice and I felt releived that she actually liked it. With a little boost of confidence I can accomplish great things.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T-shirt day

June 8,2011

Just wanted to recap a litte about The Rubber Stamp and Paper Show I attended in Springfield Ma. I felt like I was in heaven, Papers, stamps, ink, copics,embossing tools, and more. While there I did 2 make and takes. I will share about them at another time. I saw alot of products I wanted to buy, but I chose only 1 color of each item I wanted. This way I can see if I like the product and if I should invest into buying more . I bought my first Copics and picked mostly skin-toned colores. To say the least I did enjoy going to the Show, But my Hubbie was so bored so I only went once around the booths.
So when I returned home from the two hour drive I was so tired. I just put all I bought in my craft place, knowing that the next day was play-time.
So todays projects involved using the Imagine. I bought t-shirt transfer film and picked a few images from the cartridge Best Friends and Nursery Tales. The t-shirt made with BF's came out really nice, the other image was too lightly colored. I tested the soft colors and bright color images and I definetly liked the bright darker colors. Now I will have to make a t-shirt for my grandson Jaysn since I made 2 for Dani. It was fun to do and I learned something new.
Also pictured is a Cutie Patutti image I found on some ones blog, please forgive me as I cannot remember where the image came from...
but I thought Dani (4) did a great job with it. Enjoy...
Talk to you soon. Dawn

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dani's Goodies Bags

June 3, 2011
Hello, Good Morning!
Today I want to share some pictures of some goodies bags that I made for my grand daughters 5th birthday. Dani is so excited. Her Birthday is June 12th.
We are ready for her "Rock Princess Bounce Party". It will be at the YMCA and the bounce house room is where the party will take place.
Dani helped with making the goody bags. She picked out all the colors, and she stuffed the bags with lots of goodies. Also pictured is the cupcake topper which is personalized with her name and the year. My little grand daughter is growing up so fast.
Talk to you soon,
Dawn RI

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Beautiful Day

Good morning. Yesterday all us were a little nervous about the tornado in Springfield Ma. The tornado was on a path thru northern RI. I live in the Southern part, but I have family that I was concerned for. RI being the smallest state makes one think that anything could happen state wide. Last March we had the flooding through out our state. Well Im thankful we are all fine.
Yesterdays goal was to put a link on my blog and to post a picture. Well the picture was there ,bigger than expected but the link didn't happen. I wanted to post a link to my friend Sarah of Pink by Design and know as Pink Cricut I used one of her sentimental stamps and wanted to give her the credit. I'll try again. You can see the stamps at She going to have a Ustream to show her new stamps for June.
I will continue to keep searching for answers about blogging. Its a whole new language. So no new picture today but I will share the goodie bags I made for Danielles 5th birthday.
See you soon, Dawn RI

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going to Try Something New

June 1,2011
Well its a new day and a new month. Im also a new age since my family celebrated my birthday this Memorial Day weekend. So today I'm going to try to add a link and post a photo. This will be my first try so wish me luck, LOL.
The photo is a picture of a card I made using my Imagine, Lori's Garden cartridge, I inked the edges on the design and on the sentiment. I used dimensionals to raise the image which gave it new look. The sentiment stamp is "Hat's Off", by Sarah at