Thursday, June 2, 2011

A New Beautiful Day

Good morning. Yesterday all us were a little nervous about the tornado in Springfield Ma. The tornado was on a path thru northern RI. I live in the Southern part, but I have family that I was concerned for. RI being the smallest state makes one think that anything could happen state wide. Last March we had the flooding through out our state. Well Im thankful we are all fine.
Yesterdays goal was to put a link on my blog and to post a picture. Well the picture was there ,bigger than expected but the link didn't happen. I wanted to post a link to my friend Sarah of Pink by Design and know as Pink Cricut I used one of her sentimental stamps and wanted to give her the credit. I'll try again. You can see the stamps at She going to have a Ustream to show her new stamps for June.
I will continue to keep searching for answers about blogging. Its a whole new language. So no new picture today but I will share the goodie bags I made for Danielles 5th birthday.
See you soon, Dawn RI

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