Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well I've Just Begun...

Today I post my first post. I'm happy I took on this new goal at this time in my life, and I don't know where its going . I just feel I need a little
something more in life than to just be a
retired / disabled , person
always being a
day late
a dollar short.
I always had big plans in my life but was always just a little short  of having "BIG" dreams coming  true.
I've accomplished alot over the years
and I always strived to get more.  Usually I wound up
detouring from the path I was on and making a new path going in
another direction.
Little did I know that under my HS yearbook picture
my quote was,
"Follow not where the path leads,
but follow a new path and leave a trail". 
I always wanted to try new things and I did but something new always
came along.
Now that Im retired I need something more even though
my limitations get in my way. Its been just over a year that I left
my job (one that I LOVED) and its time to move on...
Theres been alot of changes but Im beginning to have structure im my
chaotic life.
My crafting area "room" has been abandoned too many times, but its  
taking shape once again. Ive always liked the arts and plan on doing more.
The best part is I am sharing it all with my four year old grand daughter.
She justs loves being crafty, coloring, painting, and working with scraps and I will continue to help  My grandson to draw stick figures .
Im on my way to that "big" dream and that is continuing to share.  .
So on this new journey Im going to try sharing a little part of me  
with all of you .
By reading blogs and being inspired by many of you,
has made me once again realize ,
I want to CREATE, LIVE and to LOVE What GOD has given me..

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